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Meetings Programme for 2018-19

6th November 2018                                      Stuart Wrathmell - The Walking Dead of Wharram Percy

4th December 2018                                      Christmas Social Event with supper

                                                                                  Possible show of photos from recent tours

8th January (note 2nd Tuesday)                  John Rumsby -  The Real Ben Hur?

                                                                                  Chariot-racing in the Roman Empire

5th February 2019                                         Julian Brown - Castle Hill - Now and Then

5th March 2019                                              John Cross - The Mill that disappeared

2nd April 2019                                                Dave Weldrake - Medieval Castles of West Yorkshire

7th May 2019                                                  David Cockman - GLOBISH,

                                                                                     (a sort of linguistic archaeology)

4th June 2019                                                 Colin Dunn - Surveying

                                                                                     How LIDAR can help to find Archaeological Sites

July and August 2019                                    No meeting but a trip is usually organised

3rd September 2019                                     Sam Rowe - to be arranged

1st October 2019                                           AGM

5th November 2019                                      Stuart Wrathmell - to be arranged

2nd December 2019                                     Christmas Meal